Friday Favorites #27

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It’s been awhile since I’ve done a Friday Favorites, I had back to back vacations and the time just kept getting away from me.  I’m glad that I’m back into my routine again but I sure do miss the relaxing and the drinks and sunshine and warmth.  Let’s get right into my favorites because I have a lot!

1. Walking into Sephora is probably the same feeling a kid gets when walking into a candy store.  There’s so many things to try and I have been wanting to try out one of these paper masks.  Before I went to Sephora I did a little research and the Karuna brand received wonderful reviews so I bought the Brightening mask and it was easy to apply and my skin was glowing the next morning.  Bonus, it was only $8!

File_001 (22).jpeg File_000 (42).jpeg

2. I love Burrata cheese!!! Whenever I see it on a menu I have to order it, it’s my favorite cheese, next to goat cheese that is.  I saw this recipe for White Bean, Spinach and Turkey Stuffed Bell Peppers with Burrata and I am making it ASAP!

3. Sanuk flip flips are now my favorite things to put on my feet.  Before I left for my second vacation I bought these and I am never buying another brand of flip flops again.  I walked all over in them and my feet never hurt!  I wore them on walks, to the zoo (which was ultra hilly), 7,000+ steps at a time and my feet were walking on little clouds.  Buy them you won’t be disappointed!

4. That’s it, I need to buy a dehydrator!  I have been saying this for far too long but I need to make watermelon jerky!

5. While on my first vacation we had this delicious drinks.  It was muddled blueberries and lemon with blueberry vodka, soda water and a splash of cran.  My purse this summer might always have blueberries in it so any place I am at I can have the bartender make me this drink.  Try it out for yourself!

6. I’ve had some really great recipes I have made lately and I cannot wait to share them.  More Buffalo flavors and egg bakes!

7. Think I might try this mason jar herb garden this spring.

Check out Indoor Herb Garden Ideas at


8. A few weeks ago I made these Easy Smashed Potatoes and they turned out delicious, I used all purple potatoes which I had never used before.


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