About Jaime

Thanks for visiting Testing and Trying My Thirties!

Hi!  I’m Jaime Peters from North Tonawanda, NY (in between Buffalo and Niagara Falls).  I’m a 30 something year old that has a love for food and finding and trying recipes.  I tend to gravitate towards recipes that are healthy and clean but occasionally I veer off from that beaten path.

The blog started from an idea of my sister in law (who it’s nice enough to try my creations).  I scour the internet (mostly on pinterest and blogs), magazines and cookbooks looking for new recipes to take a stab at share with others.  I’m fortunate enough that my recipes usually turn out to be tasty and friends and family want to give it a go too.  The unfortunate part about them wanting to try the recipes is that it’s hard to direct them to one place to find them since I end up snapping a picture of a recipe from a magazine or a computer screen or jot down notes on a piece of paper.  I’m hoping this blog will help me stay organized with my favorite recipes and allow others to attempt them too.

Hopefully you find the things I have tested and tried to be beneficial to you!

At times you may see links come up as Amazon and ShopStyle (which takes you to a site where an item is listed).  Amazon and ShopStyle links to other sites don’t change the price of an item but allows me to make a small commission off your interest in seeing the item.  Thank you!


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