Friday Favorites #20

1. This past summer I followed Fitnessista’s Summer Shape Up and loved it!  She is doing a Winter Shape Up that I plan on starting up next week.

2. I would love to try this One Pot Lasagna Soup with gluten free noodles.

3. Not sure where I found the recipe for Birthday Cake Hot Chocolate but I had the sheet printed out and I made it this past week with my niece and nephew.  They loved it and I did as well.  On the stove I heated three cups of skim milk on medium heat until small bubbles formed around the edges of the pot (it took awhile).  Once the bubbles were there I added in 3/4 cup of white chocolate chips, 3/8 tsp pure vanilla extract, 3/8 tsp butter extract (I found it at the grocery store near the vanilla and almond extracts).  I kept wisking all the ingredients until the chocolate was melted.  I ladled the mixture into three mugs and added whip cream and of course sprinkles and drank away!  Next time I am adding some Bailey’s to mine!

4. It’s already going to be February and I haven’t put up one Valentine decoration.  Maybe I will put something like this together.

 File_000 (24).jpeg

5. Yay Barbie!

6. So many people are shocked I shop at Aldi’s but the organic, gluten free and natural foods are so much cheaper than a normal grocery store.  This Business Insider article further proves my point how great they are.

7. I think the FDA needs to get on top of regulating the natural foods labels.  I always check the ingredients list to know if there are additives or not.


Friday Favorites #19

Sorry that this week got away from me and I never posted a recipe like I planned to.  My favorite #1 this week will explain why.

1. I am a little ashamed to admit that I watched 2 seasons of Homeland within a week!  In my defense, I had already watched 5 episodes of season 1 so I at least had that helping me out but that was a lot of tv binging for me.  I just couldn’t stop!!!!  If you haven’t watched it yet I hope you’ll hurry up and have a Homeland binge with me this weekend.

2. I’m on a bit of a dairy hiatus at the moment, I think it’s starting to bother me, I eat a lot of cheese.  Once I start to eat dairy again I think I will stick with goat and sheep dairy items because they aren’t as harsh on the digestive system.  So when I do I am making these goat cheese balls right away.

3. And on the dairy free train, I am pretty impressed with this Soy Hazelnut Creamer.  I think I will stick with it even though it has a couple extra ingredients in this list I don’t really want to be putting in my body but I must have coffee and cream!

File_001 (9).jpeg

4. I found this article to be rather interesting.

5. Lately I have been reading more and more from Deepak Chopra, I agree with him, You Are What You Eat.

6. If you’re a traveler or you know someone who is, I think this would be an awesome gift!

File_000 (6).png

Friday Favorites #18

I’m so glad it’s a long weekend!  Even though I always think that extra day will help get me caught up on stuff it never happens but I love it anyways!  Onto my Friday favs for this week!

1. Award Season!  Love watching the red carpet!  Golden Globes down, Critics Choice next!  If you love watching the awards as well here is a list of them for this year.  I’m hoping to see two of the movies this weekend, Joy and Room.

Golden Globe big pretty split


2. And on the same topic, there are a few books I still need to read from the list before I see the movies nominated.  I’ve never seen a movie before reading the book, maybe I should try that with one.

3. This 18 Truths for People Who Love Wine cracked me up!

4. It’s been snowing here in Buffalo and I finally wore my Sorel Women’s Tofino Boot.  If you don’t have a pair, go out and buy them now!  For the past 3 winters I wore my Hunter boots with the Hunter boot socks and even though they rock from keeping your feet dry, the Sorels are a hundred times better!

5. Read this book!  I just started it and I can’t put it down, it’s very eye opening.

File_000 (21).jpeg

6. This is for any girls, I purchased my first box today from  I will let you know my opinion of them.

7. I’m hooked on this cheese from Wegmans!  If you like spicy, this kicks it up a notch from the basic pepperjack.  I am going to share a recipe I made with this next week.


Enjoy your weekend, especially if you have an extra day off in there!



Friday Favorites #17

Happy New Year!  My first Friday post of 2016!

1. 2016 Goals!  I love hearing other people’s goals for the year and how they plan on accomplishing them.  I’m hoping to sit down this weekend and plan out all the goals I have floating around in my head and my game plan for achieving each one.

2. For some reason I have a fear of making eggs that aren’t scrambled, I don’t know what my problem is.  I am going to attempt at making this recipe for a Breakfast Burrito Bowl on Sunday but I may use sweet potatoes in place of the butternut squash and end up scrambling my eggs since I hate that I don’t know how to make anything else.

3.  For Christmas from a coworker I received this daily calendar of healthy recipes and I have wanted to try all of them so far!  Need to get my cooking on!

File_000 (17).jpeg

4. You go Women’s Health magazine!  Great message!

5. Lyfe Tea is running a great 20% off promo, just use the code #newyou to get 20% off of your order.  I love drinking the morning and evening detox tea everyday!

6. This is no joke!  My hair was feeling a little dry and I didn’t know when I was going to be able to get a hair appointment so I made this mask this past weekend and I really loved how much it moisturized my hair.  Warning – it was extremely messy to put on and then washing it out left avocado pieces on my tile but all worth it I thought.

Incredible easy-to-make treatment for damaged hair! Tried it and it seems to work - hair not oily after.:


7. This past week I created a recipe page on the blog so it would be easy to locate a recipe you want to try, hopefully it’s helpful.  Check it out!

8. This little cartoon cracks me up!  On New Year’s Eve I did a little yoga session with my niece and nephew and two little friends and they kept cracking up when I would say downward dog, apparently to little ones that word is really funny!

File_000 (18).jpeg