Shrimp and Zoodles

Talk about slacking here!  I’ve been all over the place with my timing and have been neglecting getting some posts written and published but my sister is coming into town soon and we usually like to try out some new recipes so I’ll hopefully have some good ones for you.

Here is a good end of summer recipe that is simple and your oven won’t need to be turned on for.

When I went to buy the ingredients for this recipe I had hit up a couple grocery stores and no luck in getting uncooked shrimp so I had to get the cooked shrimp but it still turned out delicious so I say get what you can find.


On my stove top I added into my pan 1/2 cup chicken broth, squeezed a half of a lemon of juice into it and added 1 tsp minced garlic.  I let that simmer through for a couple minutes.  I had already used my vegetti to spiralize 2 zucchinis and also cut in half  1/2 cup cherry tomatoes.  I added those to the pan and let them warm through for about 3 minutes.  Once they were warm I added in the pound of shrimp and shook some crushed red pepper on top and let them get warm and curl up a little.


That was it!  Plated it and ate it up and reheated leftovers for meals for the week.  So delicious and easy with very little ingredients.



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