My Most Recent Thoughts #2

My first most recent thoughts can be found here!

As I am typing this my 33rd birthday is a month away!  Ahhh!  33?!?!?!?!  How did that even happen?  I’m not sure if this is the same for everyone but once I hit my 26th birthday I really had to start thinking how old I was when I asked.  It used to confuse me (when I could remember my age at a drop of a dime) how people could forget how many years they had been alive, well I am totally there now!  In all honesty I have blurted out my age wrong (and not on purpose) then I have to go back and tell them my correct age.  This made me think of things that I would tell my younger self.

1. You will forget how old you are, after 25 it’s just a number

2. Nothing is important except health, family and happiness

3. Travel, even if it’s a two hour drive, get away and experience something different

4. Calm down

5. Drink water between alcoholic beverages, your skin and your hungover self will thank you and your hangovers will only get worse as you get older, you can’t function at your full time job on a hangover

6. Karma

7. Eat those veggies but a cupcake won’t kill you

8. But stop at 2 cupcakes

9. Wear sunscreen daily and spray tans are better

10. Start saving money

11. Soak in your friends and family when you have them close, there’s only a short period of time that everyone is within a 15 minute drive

12. You look your most beautiful when you’re happy and healthy

13. You’ll wish you were as skinny as the first time you thought you were fat

14. Pay it forward

15. Sign up for a run, no matter the distance

16. Just because others are getting married, having a baby, moving to Europe doesn’t mean you should be getting married, having a baby, moving to the other side of the world

17. Meditate for at least 10 minutes a day

18. Let go of the small stuff, just because someone didn’t call you back doesn’t mean the world has ended

19. Drink water, no sugary drinks, don’t waste the calories or the lining of your stomach on fake drinks

20. Put your phone down and enjoy the moment, the picture in your head is worth a lot more than the number of pictures on your phone

21. Have a cause, whether it be the disabled, cancer or education

22. Take a year to figure out what you want to do with your life, no need to rush into college or the next big milestone, it’s a lot of money/time to waste when you are clueless of your life goals

23. You have one day, one hour, one minute to be upset about something, it’s just a bad day, hour or minute, not a bad life

24. You’ll have friends for certain stages of your life and it’s ok that they come and go, if a friend doesn’t bring out the best in you then it’s ok to let them go

25. It’s ok to speak up and let it out once in awhile

26. Don’t change for another person, be proud of who you are

27. Have lots of different kinds of friends for different types of reasons

28. Put yourself first

29. Learn to say “No” more often, it’s ok to not be at every event that you are invited to when you want sometime to your self

30. In your 20’s you’ll care what others think of you, in your 30’s you’ll wonder why you ever cared

31. That guy who texts you just once in awhile is not the guy you’re going to spend the rest of your life with, move on

32. Keep a positive journal, you’ll forget the little daily happy moments

33. It’s important to enjoy life because who knows what’s around the corner

There are probably 33+ more things I could say but I think 33 for becoming 33 are enough for today!


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