Too Hot to Bake Granola Bars!

This week with temperatures in the high 80s and reaching the 90s where I live I love any type of recipe that I do not have to turn on my oven and heat my apartment a few extra degrees.

I have a bit of a sweet tooth and would pick something sweet over savory any day!  Granola bars are a great way to sneak in that little sweet snack but many bars pack a lot of extra ingredients that I cannot pronounce and can cost a lot per bar if you want a clean eating version.

In the past week I finally had the chance to go through a giant pile of recipes that I’ve printed and torn out of magazines, I found this one and was excited to give it a go.

The original recipe can be found here, at one of my favorite blogs that I have followed for a few years now,

I used all the same ingredients as she did, almond butter as my nut butter, walnuts as my chopped nuts and goji berries as the dried fruit.


The recipe was super easy to follow and took no time at all to whip it together.  The only thing the recipe didn’t say was what pan to use so I ended up using an 8×8 Pyrex and after freezing it for 45 minutes cut it into 6 bars (next time I will cut them into 12 bars though).  The result was a soft and chewy bar that I happily ate for a mid morning snack today.


A little side note if you track calories: I did halve my bar for my snack since I plugged it into my fitness pal app and one serving if cut into 6 bars was 374 calories so cutting it in half gave me 187 calories instead.


Do you have a non bake little sweet treat recipe that you have tried?  I would love to know about it (leave comments or questions below)!