Enchilada Rice Bowls

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My goal is to use my crockpot more and I have found another recipe which is a winner in my book and I’ll use it again and again.  The blog, Sweet Tooth Sweet Life, showcases on Sundays the dinners that she made/ate for the week.  I always like seeing what people have on their menus and how I can incorporate them into my week.  The blog shared this recipe for Crockpot Cheesy Chicken Enchilada Rice Bowls and I knew immediately that they were going on my menu for the next week.

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Preparing the recipe couldn’t get any simpler.  I cut 3 chicken breasts that equaled 1 1/2 lbs into pieces.  Once they were cut up I put them into the slow cooker that I had already sprayed with cooking spray.  I drained and rinsed a can of corn and a can of black beans and also drained a can of fire roasted diced tomatoes.  Those all went into the slow cooker with the chicken and a can of enchilada sauce.  I sprinkled in 2 tbsp of taco seasoning mix (I was too lazy to mix my own at the time).

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Once the ingredients were mixed together I put the top on the slow cooker and cooked on high for 4 hours.  I stirred it here and there.  And after the 4 hours I mixed in a cup of cheese and the meal was done.  I had used brown rice in a bag that I threw in a pot and boiled for 10 minutes to use that as my base.  You could also use brown rice, quinoa, couscous or even eat it alone.  I topped my brown rice with some of mixture and then added a sprinkle of more cheese, some plain greek yogurt and half an avocado.  Enjoy this simple meal!

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Friday Favorites #26

1. The S’ip S’well Water Bottles coming to Target!  I love the look of all of them!


2. Yummy spring cocktail!

3. DSW is calling my name!  I can definitely find a pair of shoes for at least $29 to get a free yoga bag and mat!  Just type in the promo code or go to a store.

4. My nightly skin routine for years included Cetaphil’s Daily Cleanser but I picked up this cleanser recently and my skin feels so clean after using it.  Usually I use a facial wipe afterwards to get any leftover makeup of my face but the cleanser hasn’t left a trace of makeup.  Slowly I may be switching to this line in it’s entirety.

Simple Facial Wash, Moisturizing 5 oz

5. My 9 month old nephew is eating solids and I sent my sister a recipe to make him Sweet Potato Waffles.  She said she was not going to make them but I’m more than welcome to make them for him so the recipe is on my list for when I see him in April.  If he doesn’t eat them I won’t have a problem eating the leftovers!

6. Love the idea of a Houseguest Welcome Basket (hint hint Ashley).  The ideas that are in this basket are amazing!

7. A few things my friends and I have sent back and forth this week that I got a crack over!

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