Friday Favorites #43

There’s so many things I have to share today!

1. It always annoys me when I have to buy a lot of one ingredient for a little bit I’ll use in one recipe or when I forget something on my shopping list, here’s a great list for substitutions!

2. Not a huge fan of scary movies but if you are then a great exercise challenge when you’re watching.

3. Need to make this Ice Cream Cake ASAP!

4. I never know how I should be cleaning my workout clothes, guess I need to buy a special detergent.

5. A smart article to check out about expenses.

6. The other day I read that you can buy Starbucks pumpkin spice sauce now!  OMG who wants to split this with me, I need to have this in my life but clearly don’t need 63oz of it!

7. Yep all the truth about running!

8. No joke!  I binge watched Stranger Things in just a few days, that’s embarrassing.



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