Friday Favorites #44

Happy Labor Day Weekend!  Enjoy the extra day off!  Here’s some of my favorites from this week!

1. Now that it’s been a month since I have been using it I can give you the results from using Gelatin Collagen.  There are 3 things I have noticed the biggest changes with.  First, my hair is growing like a weed!  My hair tends to grow pretty slowly but in the last month it has grown so long and strong, there is a definite difference to the feel of my hair.  Secondly, just like my hair my nails are growing so quickly and strong.  I have had to cut my toenails a lot and my fingernails aren’t breaking and peeling as they tend to do.  The last thing I have noticed is that my joints are bothering me less.  Many mornings my ankles and hips are really tight and has less range of motion but now I wake up and I can feel a difference when I am walking around.  So there is a minor little thing I have seen a difference in but it could be because a slew of other reasons but my cellulite seems to be a little less noticeable but I can’t count it as a real result from using the Collagen as it may be from other things like working out or dry brushing, etc.  So, all in all, do I recommend this?  Yes, I think I have seen changes in my body and it is worth integrating two tablespoons in my smoothies and teas each day.

2. I’m terrible at small talk, some good pointers for the next time I’m in this situation.

3. With all the delicious peaches and tomatoes at the market lately I need to make this Peach & Tomato Caprese Salad.

4. I REALLY need to try this!

5. Had my first PSL!  Gosh I love them and now Starbucks has almond milk which makes it even better!

File_000 (8).png

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