Friday Favorites #40

1. This storage container is needed in my life!!!!!  And I am buying them for gifts for all my avocado loving friends as well!  Be prepared for you next gift friends!

2. My sister, Ashley, convinced me to begin 21 day fix program and I am so happy she talked me into it!  I looooove the Shakeology each morning and I’m finding that even though I am not eating any different than I was before my “healthy” portions are what is the issue.  Each day I easily eat half an avocado, cheese in my salads and as a topping for other meals and tablespoons of peanut butter and almond butter whenever I have a hankering.  She is being such a great coach and motivating me to do my workout videos on my days off from running and gives great ideas for delicious meals.  Hasn’t even been two weeks and I’m already seeing results, great program!  Doesn’t this recipe for Ice Cream Pie look aaaamazing!!!!  Can’t wait to make it!

3. Have no idea where I took this screenshot from but it looks like a good one to try.

File_000 (64).jpeg

4. Might as well eat a cupcake!

5. Just bought this collagen and cannot wait to start using it and see some of the benefits.

6. A good positive read for today!

7. It would be good to implement some of these little changes that could make a huge difference in my life.

Have a good weekend!


Friday Favorite’s #39

1. It’s been awhile since I’ve made fajitas, this recipe sounds quick and easy.

2. Not sure why I haven’t thought to do this before, I need to buy some command hooks ASAP!



3. Ahhhh, I NEED these Rosé Bears!

4. Bought this pullover in every color and absolutely in love with it!  Don’t forget to sign up for Ebates and get even more money back, the next check they are sending me for just shopping online is over $35!

5. Quick Skillet Chicken!  I’ve been using my cast iron skillet more and more.

6. After a long holiday weekend, this has been my life this week


Veggie Bean Stir-fry

Stir fries have been on my radar lately.  I’m finding them so simple to through ingredients in a pan and be able to have leftovers for a few days.  Plus, all the ingredients are clean, no funky sauces from the store here!

Combine all those ingredients in a medium size bowl by whisking them together (I bet almond butter would be just as delicious).  Instead of using liquid aminos, soy sauce or coconut aminos would work as well.


With a tablespoon of sesame oil fry the veggies.


 Once they are softened, throw in the garbanzo beans (chicken or any other protein you love) and the sauce and you’re finished!




Friday Favorites #38

Happy 4th of July weekend!  Hope you get to sit back, relax and enjoy some cocktails!

1. Not sure why I love Red White and Blue desserts but they are my favorite to look at but I would much rather eat some chocolate and peanut butter as a dessert.

2. Watermelon Mango Salsa?!?!?!  Yumm!!!!!

3. I’ve been reading a lot of reviews of Jade Rolling on your face and so I finally purchased one and I’ve only used it a couple times for the last couple days so I have no results to post however it definitely must be draining my lymphatic system.  Normally I pee a lot, like a lot a lot!!  With drinking water non-stop all day and also that I dry brush every morning it definitely helps my system but since I started Jade Rolling on my face (I follow this how to) I have had to pee even more.  I’m glad it’s working and I can see the reduction in my puffy face in the morning so far.  I’ll keep you posted.

File_000 (62).jpeg

4. About time Miss Teen USA!

5. This list of the top grossing actors/actresses is so surprising to me, I would have thought the top 10 would have been much different.

6. Since I’ve moved into this apartment I’ve been wanting to fix my cupboard organization.  It’s impossible for me to find the items I’m looking for and I shove anything open into a ziplock back to keep fresh and it’s just a mess.  Finally I broke down and bought some containers but I need more!  I’m so happy with just a few of the items I finally stuck into the containers.  Then I bought labels of course!

File_000 (63).jpeg


Friday Favorites #36

1. Never know what oils to use when cooking, I have always just used Extra Virgin Olive Oil but I started incorporating Sesame Oil and maybe I need to use some of these as well.

2. Pretty much my favorite evening.  I need to buy this sweatshirt!

File_000 (7).png

3. This was a huge realization when I got my Fitbit!

4. Don’t know what I would do with it but I love this picture!



5. I think I’ll start doing some of the moves, in this post and this one too, in the office.  I’m constantly feeling like I need to stretch out when I’m sitting at my desk.

6. Another delicious burger for the summer, Chicken Fajita Cheeseburger!

7. Amazing read!  People need to stop being so judgemental on social media, do people not realize that everyone can see what you said!