Friday Favorites #40

1. This storage container is needed in my life!!!!!  And I am buying them for gifts for all my avocado loving friends as well!  Be prepared for you next gift friends!

2. My sister, Ashley, convinced me to begin 21 day fix program and I am so happy she talked me into it!  I looooove the Shakeology each morning and I’m finding that even though I am not eating any different than I was before my “healthy” portions are what is the issue.  Each day I easily eat half an avocado, cheese in my salads and as a topping for other meals and tablespoons of peanut butter and almond butter whenever I have a hankering.  She is being such a great coach and motivating me to do my workout videos on my days off from running and gives great ideas for delicious meals.  Hasn’t even been two weeks and I’m already seeing results, great program!  Doesn’t this recipe for Ice Cream Pie look aaaamazing!!!!  Can’t wait to make it!

3. Have no idea where I took this screenshot from but it looks like a good one to try.

File_000 (64).jpeg

4. Might as well eat a cupcake!

5. Just bought this collagen and cannot wait to start using it and see some of the benefits.

6. A good positive read for today!

7. It would be good to implement some of these little changes that could make a huge difference in my life.

Have a good weekend!


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