Friday Favorites #34

Hopefully everyone felt like the week flew by with that nice holiday break on Monday!  I fully enjoyed my weekend and came out of it wishing I had an extra day to recoup but that’s what fun does to you.  Here are my favorites from this week that I have been trying, reading and enjoying.

1. Last Friday a friend and I enjoyed a late lunch and relaxed with a serene view and I ordered a new to me cocktail that I replicated all weekend and shared with others who I now also have hooked on it.  This will be my new summer drink and hopefully will stop me from drinking too many bottles of wine.  Over ice in a glass pour a shot of Grey Goose Le Melon, top with soda water and add a splash of lemonade!  The drink is so refreshing like you are at a spa so be careful because before you know it you’ll have finished the whole bottle of vodka!

File_000 (57).jpeg

2. I’m pretty sure all I do it wait for the weekend to get here, I’m less like that now in the spring and summer but this article really helps you see there is more to your week.

3. Love getting some extra ideas and inspiration for workouts and meals, I’m going to follow along with SSS starting Monday.

4. Sounds like a delicious fresh meal for the summertime.



Love this!  I have been trying to lessen the negativity in my life and it’s a game changer when you can shut it out (I unfollowed so many people on social media so I could get away from it).

6. I really feel that Paint Bombs would be a blast!


7. I’ve been using my Young Living Essential Oils everyday in a variety of ways and I know I need to do more research and share what I learned but if you have the Young Living Purification Essential Oil listen up.  Sadly I got a blister on my ankle this weekend from a new pair of shoes and forgot to pack my blister bandaids (major fail).  I searched how I could quickly get rid of the blister and it said to put some Purification on it so that’s what I did, morning and night for a few days and it healed it so well!  More reasons to love essential oils!

Enjoy the weekend!  Try a Melon Vodka Refresher Cocktail!


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