Friday Favorites #33

1. It’s the half yearly sale at Nordstrom!!!  Plus, Ebates is 6% back right now with Nordstrom!  So sign up on Ebates search for Nordstrom on Ebates website and it will forward you to the Nordstrom website where you will receive 6% back!  Love getting an extra little back!  Think about it, spend $200 on Nordstrom and you get another $12 back.  Love it!  (Little side note, thanks for signing up through my link, gives me referral credit through your sign up, I greatly appreciate it!).

2. Since it’s summertime and I’m all about hiding my skin away from the sun I need a safe sunscreen for my body and hoping to purchase a big hat online through the Nordstrom sale.  These coverups I have through Athleta I highly recommend, I have four and I think I need to purchase a couple more.

3. Love This!  This should never be taught to young girls!

File_000 (53).jpeg


4. Amy Schumer has the right idea, why are so many people so nasty on social media!

5. Just added so many books from this list to my Goodreads if you are looking for summer reading!

6. Found this to be an interesting read.

7. I received my Young Living starter kit on Saturday and I’m already loving it.  Haven’t delved into it too much but so far I love diffusing the lavender, drinking the lemon, putting the peppermint on my sinuses (totally helped my congestion while sleeping this week), dropping Purification on a cotton swab and putting it in my kitchen trash can (where I had raw onions).

File_000 (54).jpeg



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