Friday Favorites #32

1. This Friday Favorites will be short, unfortunately I am under the weather and I need some rest rest rest.  I have been drinking water with oregano essential oil in it to kick whatever is going on in my system.  The last time I wasn’t feeling well I did this and I started to feel better pretty quickly hoping it works just the same this time around.

2. Speaking of essential oils I finally ordered my starter kick from YoungLiving and I’ve been tracking the crap out of it on Fedex and it should arrive on Saturday and I cannot wait to start diffusing them and using them for health and wellness.

3. My nightly routine includes meditating but I should be adding some bedtime stretching to it.  This is a good place to start plus here is a good article on the benefits of meditating.

4. This recipe for Sweet Potato Lentil Quinoa Spinach Burgers seems right up my alley.

5. I talked about Ebates in a past Friday Favorites but I received my first Ebates check from shopping online and I love getting free money for just doing what I do normally, shopping online.  Sign up!  Totally worth it!

6. It’s suppose to be a pretty gorgeous weekend in Buffalo, hopefully I won’t be stuck indoors sick, go out and enjoy the weekend!


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