Friday Favorites #24

I’m so happy to have a guest share her favorite things today, my sister, Ashley!  She’s been one of my biggest blog supporters and she loves my Friday Favorites so I was excited to ask her to make a list of some things she’s loving recently.  Thanks Ash!

  1. I’ve always wanted to purchase a tinted moisturizer, especially now that I am not working professionally on a daily basis.  Instead I bought the Garnier BB Cream after I did a little research.  A combo of a moisturizer, SPF, and a little color is awesome.  Plus this one had a smooth finish on the face, and it is supposed to help with dark spots and help create a more even skin tone over a couple weeks of use.

bb2. Even though I didn’t like these active pants at first when my sister sent them to me, I ended up buying them because I realized that I only have black or grey active pants.  I really only have black and grey. And I live in activewear on a daily basis.


3. I’ve always looked at Zulily, but never purchased anything.  My sister told me this morning that they had some cute and personalized Easter baskets much cheaper then what I was looking at on Pottery Barn.  I’ve been toying with spending the money on a basket for a 9 month old.  So I ended up pulling the trigger and also purchased a personalized basket and Mickey Mouse board books.

3. I know Nike is not the first brand for avid runners, but I absolutely love my new sneakers I bought to train for my half marathon.  Tip-it’s always a good idea to get fitted for sneakers and if you need inserts.  Just any sneakers are not always the best for your particular foot.  I found this out when I started having knee problems, and as soon as I was fitted and used inserts the pain subsided.  Usually this service is free at your a local sneaker shop.  I use Road Runner Sports here in Phoenix.

4. Love this saying.


5. Shutterfly has great ideas to make photo books.  I’ve been making a photo book for my son’s first year about every three months.  This is much easier and cuter to have your favorite photos all in one place.

6. Once my son started eating solids I was adamant that he was going to try the organic pouch or jar and then I would make it myself once I knew he wasn’t allergic.  Well, that didn’t go as planned because he refuses to eat my homemade baby food.  I mean screams bloody murder when I try to feed it to him.  So, I broke down and just continued to buy the pouches and jars and I am sloooooowly trying to introduce him to my food.  My favorite brands have been Ella’s, Plum’s, Beechnut Organic Jars and Earth’s Best Organic Jars.  Make sure to read the back of each label and that nothing extra is added.

7.  The organic Happy Baby Puffs were a little too small for my son to pick up at first, but now he is addicted to the Baby Mum Mum Rusks.  Like snatches the pieces out of my hand. I usually buy the Veggie and Banana flavors.


8.  My sister gave me a great idea for a quick and easy breakfast now that my son is on the move.  Overnight oats! Use 2/3 cup Old Fashion Oats, 1 tablespoon chia seeds, a heeping big spoon of almond butter, and 3/4 cup of Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk.  I put all of this in a medium size mason jar.  In the morning I nuke it for a minute and 25 seconds and then add some dark chocolate chips. Mix it and Voila!


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