DIY Wine Cork Trivet

I’m happy to make this post of something I have tried that hasn’t been a recipe, maybe some of you non-cookers or bakers out there will want to give this a try.

I’ve seen many wine cork trivets you can buy.  Like here, here, and here.  Also you can buy a kit to make a trivet.  These are all fantastic of course but I found it’s incredibly simple to make your own wine cork trivet with your own wine corks!

My brother, sister in law and their two friends went to Napa a few weeks ago and made sure to keep some of the corks from wine they drank.  When they came back they asked me to make a trivet with the corks.  I knew I could make one but I didn’t know how simple it would actually be.  After 10 minutes and $20 I had a DIY Napa inspired wine cork trivet.

The most difficult part of putting together the trivet was getting the layout for the corks since they were of different sizes but it still wasn’t that hard to do.  Somewhere I had screenshot this layout assistant but with the corks not of being the same size it wasn’t worth following it.

File_001 (14).jpeg

 I bought a 5×7 frame that I liked from Hobby Lobby that was $20, I removed the glass and attached the back again (I kept on the frame back stand in case when not in use of a trivet they wanted to use it as a decoration).  Once the back was reattached to the frame I arranged the corks inside of the frame to find the best way for them to fit.  When I figured out the best layout I removed each cork and made sure to have the same layout of them sitting on my table so I knew how I wanted them fitting into the frame when I glued them.  I heated up a hot glue gun and one by one attached the corks onto the cardboard back frame.  And that was it!  Find a frame you like and start saving all those corks!

File_000 (29).jpeg


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