Buffalo Chicken Wing Soup

If you say you don’t like Buffalo Chicken Wing dip then I am pretty sure you’re lying, haha!  You’ll be shocked to see how healthy this soup is but tastes so much like your favorite dip.

I’ve had Buffalo Chicken Soup before but it has been loaded with heavy cream and cheese.  This recipe I found for Skinny Buffalo Chicken Soup is loaded with vegetables and no cheese but just as thick as you would expect there to be cream in it.

File_000 (27).jpeg

In a large stock pot I put 1 1/2 heads of chopped cauliflower (the organic heads were smaller than non organic so I used part of the second one to compensate).  Why can’t I find already chopped cauliflower, I hate chopping cauliflower and broccoli!

File_001 (12).jpeg

With the cauliflower I added in 3 tbsp of ranch seasoning, 4 cups of chicken stock, 2 cups of chicken broth and 1 cup of water.  I put the pot over high heat and once it came to a boil I let it bowl for 10 minutes until the cauliflower was tender.

File_002 (8).jpeg

When the cauliflower was boiling I sauteed a pound of matchstick carrots, a cup of celery and onion in a tablespoon of butter.  The second time around I made this I sauteed it in a little olive oil instead.

File_003 (8).jpeg

Once the cauliflower was tender I used an immersion blender to puree the cauliflower right into the stock pot but it can easily be done in a blender or food processor.  Using the immersion blender is what makes this soup creamy without the use of cream or cheese.

File_004 (10).jpeg File_005 (8).jpeg

Next I mixed in a cup of hot sauce then added in the sauteed veggies.  Once those were mixed in I added about 2 lbs of meat from a rotisserie chicken, this equaled about 2 1/2 rotisserie chickens.  Of course you could use any already cooked chicken breasts as well.

File_008 (4).jpeg

I let the soup simmer for 25 minutes and then it was all done!

Add on any toppings you like but I put on a few blue cheese crumbles.  Hope you enjoy this recipe as much as the three other people did that I shared it with who were blown away that it was made with cauliflower (it makes a lot)!

File_009 (1).jpeg


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