Friday Favorites #20

1. This past summer I followed Fitnessista’s Summer Shape Up and loved it!  She is doing a Winter Shape Up that I plan on starting up next week.

2. I would love to try this One Pot Lasagna Soup with gluten free noodles.

3. Not sure where I found the recipe for Birthday Cake Hot Chocolate but I had the sheet printed out and I made it this past week with my niece and nephew.  They loved it and I did as well.  On the stove I heated three cups of skim milk on medium heat until small bubbles formed around the edges of the pot (it took awhile).  Once the bubbles were there I added in 3/4 cup of white chocolate chips, 3/8 tsp pure vanilla extract, 3/8 tsp butter extract (I found it at the grocery store near the vanilla and almond extracts).  I kept wisking all the ingredients until the chocolate was melted.  I ladled the mixture into three mugs and added whip cream and of course sprinkles and drank away!  Next time I am adding some Bailey’s to mine!

4. It’s already going to be February and I haven’t put up one Valentine decoration.  Maybe I will put something like this together.

 File_000 (24).jpeg

5. Yay Barbie!

6. So many people are shocked I shop at Aldi’s but the organic, gluten free and natural foods are so much cheaper than a normal grocery store.  This Business Insider article further proves my point how great they are.

7. I think the FDA needs to get on top of regulating the natural foods labels.  I always check the ingredients list to know if there are additives or not.



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