Friday Favorites #19

Sorry that this week got away from me and I never posted a recipe like I planned to.  My favorite #1 this week will explain why.

1. I am a little ashamed to admit that I watched 2 seasons of Homeland within a week!  In my defense, I had already watched 5 episodes of season 1 so I at least had that helping me out but that was a lot of tv binging for me.  I just couldn’t stop!!!!  If you haven’t watched it yet I hope you’ll hurry up and have a Homeland binge with me this weekend.

2. I’m on a bit of a dairy hiatus at the moment, I think it’s starting to bother me, I eat a lot of cheese.  Once I start to eat dairy again I think I will stick with goat and sheep dairy items because they aren’t as harsh on the digestive system.  So when I do I am making these goat cheese balls right away.

3. And on the dairy free train, I am pretty impressed with this Soy Hazelnut Creamer.  I think I will stick with it even though it has a couple extra ingredients in this list I don’t really want to be putting in my body but I must have coffee and cream!

File_001 (9).jpeg

4. I found this article to be rather interesting.

5. Lately I have been reading more and more from Deepak Chopra, I agree with him, You Are What You Eat.

6. If you’re a traveler or you know someone who is, I think this would be an awesome gift!

File_000 (6).png


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