Friday Favorites #16

This is my last Friday Favorites until it’s 2016!  Craziness!

1. This is a fantastic article for all women to read about looking best in the clothes you choose.  Number 17 I think is my favorite!

2. Goals!  Since the new year is 2 weeks away I plan on creating a goal list.  Instead of resolutions I am going to set goals like I did for 2015.  I also will be looking back on the goals I set for 2015 and see how much I achieved.

3. These look so fun to give as little favors for a New Year’s Eve Party.

DIY Cheeky New Year’s Eve Party Favors + Printable Tags:


4. In the past I was obsessed with the Bath & Body Works foaming hand soap but I got introduced to EO Naturals Hand Soap and have picked them up from TJMaxx on clearance, the kind I have bought from there I can’t find on Amazon but I think I will order EO Hand Soap instead.

5. My love for Chipotle is so strong but I cannot go there again and until they fix something with this outbreak!

6. Enjoy this time with your family and friends and loved ones!  Remember to take a few minutes to look around and be in the moment!  Make memories!

Merry Christmas:



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