Friday Favorites #14

21 more days till Christmas (or as I am hearing everywhere, 21 more days to shop)!  I love Christmas but I am already so tired of hearing how many more shopping days there are.  Is this just me or do other people feel the same way?  Just enjoy the season!

1. I loooovvveee this table setting!  I wish I had a reason to set my table like this cause I love it that much!  It must be the plums and I love the napkin rings!


2. My friend sent me this the other day for Easy Soup Recipes and I can’t wait to try a few out.

3. Has anyone baked with dates?  I think I don’t like dates but I don’t know when I had them last so maybe it’s all in my head.  Maybe I will try this recipe to slow myself into loving dates since I like all the other ingredients in these Oatmeal Date Cookies.

4. I’ve been doing this 30 days of yoga and I love the freedom of the moves she instructs to do.

5. If you were a Gone Girl or The Girl on the Train fan then you must read Pretty Girls by Karin Slaughter!!!  I am in the middle of it and it has me so intensely interested.


6. Typically it’s cold and snowing by now in Buffalo and it’s been the complete opposite!  I’m really not complaining but… my sister in law bought me this Michael Kors’ coat for Christmas on Black Friday for a steal and I’m all prepared (not patiently waiting) for the snow to come so I can wear it!

7. My sister has this Rebecca Minkoff wristlet that duals as a phone case.  I am getting a new phone this month and I don’t know if I should go with this so I don’t have to lug around my purse everywhere or if I should just go with a regular case.  If you are looking for a gift idea for me for Christmas, this is a good one, hint hint!

8. I love pinterest but I get annoyed when I find something I want to buy and then realize it was from years ago.  Of course I came across this pink and gold Kate Spade thermos and wanted to immediately buy it but to my dismay it is nowhere online to buy but I did find this year’s Kate Spade gold thermos that I would love to drink my coffee and tea out of.

Kate Spade Travel Mug Gold:


Have a cheerful weekend!


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