Harvest Salad

I’m back! Took some time away from blogging to enjoy some time with family. I have a few great things to share coming up including this Harvest Salad that has been quite a hit with so many people!
It was a day in September and my sister in law planned on having some friends over for dinner, she had asked me what kind of salad she should serve. There’s a place called Gertie’s in Clarence that has delicious food including a Harvest Salad that she has gotten catered for parties a few times. We were driving in the car trying to think of what was in the salad when I went on their website and found the ingredients in order to replicate it. We made it that day for the party and people raved over it then I made it again the next day and took it to another party and it was a repeat of the same amazing reviews. Now I continue to make it for lunch and dinner throughout the week. It’s so simple and has a great taste.
For a crowd, I take an 11 ounce container of spring mix with spinach, tossed it with two chopped apples (galas are my favorite but any will work), a 4 ounce container of gorgonzola cheese, 1/3 cup of dried cranberries, 1/3 cup of chopped walnuts (or more if you like). Once it’s all combined drizzle it with poppyseed dressing and toss well so it’s all coated.
That’s a perfect way to serve a salad to a crowd but I’ve been making myself a smaller salad with the same ingredients and adding in some rotisserie chicken that has been shredded.
This Harvest Salad would be a delicious option to take to a Thanksgiving table or use your turkey leftovers to make this salad!



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