Friday Favorites #12

It’s such a great Friday!  My baby nephew is coming into town today for 10 days!  I can’t wait to snuggle him some more.  There are so many things I have been loving this week so let’s get right into them.

1. It’s no secret that I love Gap’s active line, I love Gapfit, especially the leggings.  Oprah loves them just as much, they’re on her Favorite Things list for this year.  I need to make sure to order these soon or they’ll be gone.



2. It’s so hard to kick that sugar craving!  These are some great tips to get rid of it.

3. This week I started listening to Kimberly Snyder’s podcast Realize Yourself, I am finding it very inspiring and motivating.  It’s not just about detoxing your diet but also your life.  There have been so many things she has said that I have actually written down because I knew I wanted to remember them and be able to read them when I need a reminder.  My favorite thus far has been, “Besides meditation, the thing that has the biggest influence on your energy is the people you surround yourself with” and “sometimes you have to love people from afar, they are energy drainers”.  I highly recommend giving it a listen.

File_000 (3)

4. I want to try making these Asparagus Patties this coming week.

5. Writing out Christmas cards is fast approaching, I need to buy one of these before I address all those envelopes.

6. Lately I have been believing it even more.


7. Anyone else obsessed with Adele’s new song like I am?

Have an uplifting weekend!


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