Buffalo Shrimp and Goat Cheese Sauce with Zoodles

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When I was in Arizona my sister and I made a plan of meals to make while I was in town.  She had just started the 21 day fix diet and of course I like to eat anything healthy and did not want to come back to Buffalo with an extra 10 pounds on me.  By planning out our breakfast, lunch and dinners we had a game plan and having one of us in the kitchen and the other with the baby worked out perfect.

We took 21 Day Fix Baked Buffalo Shrimp and Goat Cheese Sauce from Confessions of a Fit Foodie to make.  By the way, I have made several of recipes from her blog and have loved them all, I have a few more of her’s I want to share with you.  Back to the Buffalo shrimp, we were both so incredibly impressed with this recipe, my brother in law liked it as well.  I was on baby duty so I didn’t actually make the dish or take any pictures but I watched what my sister was doing and it was extremely easy to put together.

My sister followed the recipe step by step.  Hot sauce included with the shrimp, yes please!  The only thing that she did differently was make zoodles with her Vegetti.  We put some of the shrimp along with some of the goat cheese sauce over the zoodles.  Since I try to add as much green to every meal I also put the zoodles over a bed of spinach.  It made about four servings so my sister reheated for lunch the following day.  I was a nice sister and allowed her to have the leftovers while I ate a Thai salad we had made the day before.  This recipe needs to be put on my list to make ASAP!



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