Friday Favorites #10

Took a little hiatus while I was on relaxing on vacation and enjoying time with my sister and nephew.  There are so many recipes I want to share in the next few weeks, I’ve tried so many lately that have turned out amazing, so stay tuned for those.

Here are the things I’m loving this week:

1. My sister and I went to get a few glasses of wine one night while I was visiting and we tried this bottle and we both loved it!  I need to search for it around here.

File_000 (1)

2. It’s great to see that Aldi is removing artificial ingredients from their food.  I wish more places would follow this.  I buy a lot of items at Aldi, oils and seasonings and organic products which are much cheaper than another grocery store.

3. This weekend I plan on making a little Halloween meal for my niece and nephew.  I am going to attempt to make these, how funny are they and I am sure yummy!



4. Lyfe Tea = best detox tea!  I started drinking the tea morning and night last Monday and I can honestly say I feel a huge difference!  My stomach has a normal bloat to it because I tend to push the amount of gluten I should be taking in.  Since starting this tea my bloat has decreased and my digestion has gotten better.  My sister and I split the 28 day supply so I have a two week supply and I just ordered myself another 14 days.  The price is very reasonable, coming out to be about $1 a cup!


5. Making this Veggie Stew this weekend but I might attempt to make it on the stovetop instead, fingers crossed.  I’m guessing it will turn out the same?

6. I’m behind on the trends for fall, I need to add a few of these to my wardrobe.  By the way, I love her blog for outfit ideas if you get in a rut.

Enjoy the weekend!  I hope to be back on Sunday with a tasty recipe!


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