Friday Favorites #9

Today I leave for a long vacation to Scottsdale, Arizona!  I’m so excited to get away and get to spend some time with my sister and my four month old nephew.  Since I still have a lot of packing to do my favorites for the week is going to be quick but I have some things I am loving and really wanted to share.

1. Usually I don’t watch SNL but I made sure to tell my sister to DVR this for Saturday so we could watch since we both find Amy Schmuer hilarious!


2. I hate burpees!  I despise them!  However, they get the job done so I will continue to do them but reading this really makes you think about that wine and cupcake.

3. When I went to Disney in August I tried a very strange packing technique and it worked out exactly how I wanted it to and I am doing the same thing for packing for my trip now.  I found on Pinterest somewhere to pack outfits in gallon size ziplocks.  It helps with not only making space in your suitcase but also with time for selecting what to wear.  For Disney I basically wore the same thing everyday, a pair of Lululemon or GapFit capris, a Lululemon tank and a Gapfit tshirt so in each bag I had placed an outfit for one of the days along with my bra, underwear and socks.  No guessing as to what to put on, everything is rolled up in a bag.  For going out to dinner I thought it would be a little trickier but worked just the same.  This is how my suitcase looks at the moment for Arizona.  It would probably be such an easy thing to do for kids, all you would have to do on vacation would be to tell them to pick out a bag.


4. Unfortunately I have some dark marks on my face from sun exposure and hormones.  My dermatologist told me that I could try this expensive prescription but it wouldn’t guarantee that the marks would go away.  I did some searching on the internet, several different places and I am sorry I do not have the sources for what I found but I saw that some people were benefiting from using Pure Rose Water and Pure Rosehip Seed Oil.  I ordered both and use them every night.  First the rose water as a toner then the oil as a moisturizer but I really massage it into my fine wrinkles that I’m sadly getting on my forehead and the dark spots.  I am so happy to say that I think the combo of the two is working, it’s only been a couple weeks but I definitely see my dark marks fading.

5. Finally Target had these Pumpkin Puffins and I can’t help but eat them out of the box.  I am usually not into cereal but these are mighty delicious.


6. I’m wanting to make this Thai dish, I wonder how it would be with zucchini noodles.

7. Why you should be eating real butter!  A friend of mine shared this on Facebook this week and it makes complete sense!


8. I’ll leave you with this today.  Have a good weekend and I am hoping to put up a couple blog posts while I’m on vacation and not snuggling with the baby.

File_000 (1)


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