Friday Favorites #8

Happy October and Happy Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

To all my family and friends who have fought and continue to fight, you are all very strong women!


1. Holy Moly!  Caffeinated Peanut Butter!!!!  Did anyone else hear about this?!?!?!  I will be ordering from Steem very soon!!!!  I’m thinking this would be amazing in smoothies in the mornings!  As you can tell about all my exclamation points I’m very excited about it!



2. Reading labels at the grocery store can become very confusing, I love this list for a guide on what it all means!  Organic vs natural vs local, it can be overwhelming when you are given all those options.

3. Does anyone else ever wonder if they really need to wash that shirt that you had on for 4 hours?  I’ve read before that you shouldn’t wash your jeans often but I never know about other things.  I think I will follow Rachel Zoe’s advice, How Often You Should Wear Your Clothes Before Washing, means less laundry, right?

4. Finally!!  I had my first PSL of the season!  Sipping it outside on a brisk day waiting for my niece and nephew to get off the school bus.  Yummy!


5. Slow Cooker Chipotle Chicken Zucchini Fido Soup sounds right up my alley!  I’m going to Arizona to visit with my sister and my baby nephew in a little over a week and I am going to convince her we need to make this for dinner one night even though it will still be well over 90 degrees there!  What do you think Ashley?!?

6. Sometimes I let one bad day run into the next day and I’ve really been trying my hardest to not let that happen as often as it used to.  Gracie says it all in her post of How to Deal With a Bad Day.

7. My sister introduced me to The Greek Gods Greek Yogurt in August and I’ve been loving the combo of the honey greek yogurt with granola for either breakfast or a little snack.


8. I NEED/WANT to make all of these Fall Recipes!

9. Who doesn’t like some Fitness Motivational Quotes?  So many are true!  I’m going to post them all over my apartment in hopes it will push me through workouts!

10. For years I had the Ugg clog slippers but I hated that the fur on the bottom would wear away so quickly, especially when you’re spending $100+ on slippers.  Last week I saw a deal on Amazon for Ugg Meena Slipper and I was talking to my sister about them and she said you can buy new inserts for the bottom when the fur rubs away.  Perfect!  I ordered right away and they are so incredibly comfy!  Don’t mind my little Thursday night glass of wine with a side of intelligent reading material and TGIT tv.  OMG Scandal last night was sooooo good!


11. And I have a lot of favorites today but I will leave you with one last thing.  My obsession with La Croix is this real!


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