Friday Favorites #5

Welcome to another Friday Favorites!

1. It’s been 14 years since the tragedy that we will never forget.  I have very vivid memories of how I felt that day watching the second airplane crash into the Twin Towers and remember the feeling I had when I went to the 9/11 Memorial a few years ago.


2. I’m patiently waiting for the fall weather to come but I’m starting to lose my patience!  I want to wear my leather jackets again.  I’m on a hunt for a black moto one to add to my collection.  Some of these outfits are inspiring.

3. My mom always nagged us about making our beds after we would get up in the morning but I hated making my bed when I was younger and still hate it today.  Reading The Scientific Reason Why Making Your Bed is a Terrible Idea makes me feel not so bad about leaving my bed destroyed everyday.

4. A healthy reminder…



5. Fall and winter are perfect seasons for slow cooker oatmeal recipes.  My sister sent me a recipe today that I am going to try this weekend but this one is on my list to try soon.  Yummy!

6. How adorable are these!  I am surely making them for the holiday!



7. It’s no secret that I am a huge fan of Kelly Clarkson.  She has some major pipes!  I have been obsessed with her cover of Little Big Town’s “I Have a Girl Crush”.

8. I am hoping to get to the Farmers Market tomorrow and load up on some fall items.  I love the Farmers Market during the crisp season.

9. I’ll leave you this Friday with these cute dogs!


One thought on “Friday Favorites #5

  1. I remember going to the remains of the Twin Towers. What they did there was amazing and beautiful and I think it was the best tribute to the tragedy that happened that day.
    I Can’t wait until falls here and it’s time for stockings and mittens, pumpkins and christmas.


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