Friday Favorites #4

Took a hiatus last week while I was in DisneyWorld, I miss being on vacation but I do not miss the Florida heat and humidity!  I’m ready for fall with boots and jackets!

Here’s to this week’s favorites:

1. Speaking of DisneyWorld, while dripping sweat in line was not something to write home about, the Ban wipes I used to freshen up here and there were amazing!  I used this a couple times after working out at the gym and had to run errands but they were a nice cooling treat when being in the heat.  I highly recommend them, they now have a nice place in my purse!


2. I’m ready for fall clothes and accessories as well as fall cooking and backing.  I need to find spice cake in the store so I can make these!

3. It’s not secret I love wearing workout clothes whenever I can so when I read they’re here to stay I was very happy!

4. This weekend I need to go through this list and throw out some items.

5. I’m obsessed with this saying!  So much so that I am thinking of getting it made on a sweatshirt to wear for Halloween.



6. This recipe for a one pot zoodle meal I need to make real soon.

7. Wouldn’t this look so festive on a Christmas tree?  I’m thinking of making it for my tree this year.



Happy Labor Day Weekend!  Sadly the summer is over so any free time this weekend make sure you enjoy!


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