Friday Favorites #3

We made it to Friday!  I have made it to my week long vacation!  Woohoo!

1. I’m on my way to DisneyWorld on Monday and so of course that makes it my favorite thing today!  However packing is not on my top list of things I want to do this weekend!  I wish my suitcase would pack itself.


2. I use plain Greek yogurt in place of sour cream all the time, it was great to read this and see the difference from regular yogurt.

3. Serial!  I am whipping through the episodes and will be moving onto Undisclosed next.  Why did I wait so long to start this podcast?!?!?!  The addiction is worse than a Netflix binge!

4. The last two weeks I have had zero motivation to workout, once I come back from vacation my plan is jump back on the spinning wagon and the 21 day fix videos.  I was also really enjoying practicing yoga each week and I stopped doing that.  To get myself going again I might print out this letter and post it all over my apartment to remind me!

5. Awhile ago I saw on pinterest or maybe a blog that you can freeze bacon.  As someone who rarely eats bacon and once in awhile only cooks with it I figured I would try the method out so when I made the brussel sprout salad I needed four slices of bacon.  The rest of the bacon I ended up rolling individually and placing on a cookie sheet and flash freezed it.  I left it in the freezer for about an hour then took the pieces of bacon and threw them into a freezer ziplock bag.  No more wasting bacon by unthawing a whole package for just a couple slices.  Smart idea!  

6. On my radar to try making!  Who doesn’t love fish tacos and with an avocado slaw, sign me up!

7. It makes me very angry inside to have an addiction to Diet Pepsi, I hate that I like it and hate it more that I allow myself to have a glass or can a few times a week.  It’s so unhealthy and I really wish that I could stop.  Luckily, I might have found something that can hopefully get me away from this Diet Pepsi train.  La Croix sparkling water is so delicious!  The Cran-Raspberry fakes my tastebuds into thinking I am drinking a cocktail.  The great thing about La Croix is that it has no calories, no artificial sweeteners and is sodium free! 

 8. Check out these dogs!  How can you not smile at them!  I want a dog just so I can put a Halloween costume on it.

Have a happy weekend for me!  I will be racing around trying to get packed for my vacation!

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