Friday Favorites #1

This blog is mostly about recipes that I have tested and tried but there are a lot of other things that I want to share with you that I’ve seen around the web and want to try or things that I have tried and am loving!

1. I am an avid reader (and audio book listener), at the same time I’m usually reading a book plus listening to a different audio book. I tend to read more at night and I listen to books when I’m getting ready, doing things around my apartment or while I’m at work. But I digress, the book I’m reading right now is “It Was Me All Along: A Memoir” by Andie Mitchell. As someone who has had fluctuating weight for most of my life and body image issues this book definitely hits close to home and knocks on a lot of the same thoughts and feelings I have had. I highly recommend picking it up to read.image

2. I have been eyeing distressed jeans for almost a year now and still haven’t found ones I love. I’m going to the mall this weekend and hoping to try these on. I just want this look, it’s cold here at night in Buffalo, I want to wear jeans again. image

3. And speaking of that look, I have a Rebecca Minkoff purse just like this and want to recreate this outfitimage

4. Lately I’ve been having some breakouts on my face and it has been super frustrating. My sister introduced me to the Clean and Clear Acne Spot Treatment, it has definitely helped out those pesky spots that pop up. I need to run out to the store as soon as she leaves to make sure I have it on hand. image

5. This quote I say on Piece Apparel’s instagram

6. Need to make this

7. I couldn’t stop smiling when I saw this come through my pinterest, it reminds me of a little girl getting into her mom’s makeup

Have a fun and relaxing weekend!


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